The Foundation will act as a fiscal sponsor for ILoveIsrael

The Abramowitz Foundation will act as a fiscal sponsor for tax-deductible donations to ILoveIsrael


The Abramowitz Foundation (“the Foundation”) was recently approached by a new nonprofit-in-formation, I Love Israel, Inc. (ILI), which operates, a website that presents “evidence-based information about what makes Israel such a remarkable, inspiring nation.” Here is a mini-documentary about the ILI project:

Specifically, ILI asked that the Foundation consider acting as a fiscal sponsor, which means processing pass-through, tax-deductible donations to it, as ILI pursues its 501(c)3 status with the IRS (its application has already been submitted).
After careful consideration of ILI’s mission & vision, the quality of its promotional video and website, and its statement declaring how monies raised will be expended, the Foundation has approved ILI’s request for it to act as a fiscal sponsor for its seed capital fundraising campaign.
As of December 14, 2021, the Foundation will process tax-deductible donations for ILI, and will direct 100% of such monies raised to ILI (no processing fee). Donations to ILoveIsrael can be made by PayPal or regular mail at this page.


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