New video: “Dear Elon: Why is Twitter continuing to enable the world’s biggest anti-American terrorist groups?”

Elon Musk told advertisers he won’t let Twitter become “a free-for-all hellscape.” As a reasonable first step, we urge him to expel Al Qaeda’s allies, the world’s most lethal anti-US terror groups..

NEW VIDEO: Twitter enables the Taliban - but shuts down our campaign to rescue US allies from the Taliban

Watch the Abramowitz Foundation’s new original video, produced by Jon Sutz, exposing this mind-boggling decision — and many others — by the world’s most influential social media platform.

The Abramowitz Foundation's Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign

The Abramowitz Foundation has been working to help rescue the allies of US and Coalition forces, who along along with their families are being hunted by the Taliban, after being abandoned in America’s disastrous withdrawal.

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