Press release: New film exposes Twitter for enabling the Taliban, but stopping US ally rescue campaign


New video exposes Twitter for enabling the Taliban –
while shutting down a campaign to help rescue
US allies and their families from the Taliban

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How would Americans react if they discovered that the most politically influential, publicly-traded social media website was knowingly allowing a violent right-wing extremist group to post propaganda and incitement on it?

And that this website sold a nonprofit charity a promotional campaign to help get those being hunted by this group to safety — then shut it down for an unspecified violation of its “policies”?

Americans would rightfully be stunned, and outraged.

Yet this is not a hypothetical situation. This is actually happening, right now, regarding another type of extremist gang.

In early 2022, the ABRAMOWITZ FOUNDATION bought a campaign from Twitter to promote the AFGHAN ALLY RESCUE CAMPAIGN (here), created to help rescue Afghans who helped America and other Coalition nations, and who are being hunted (along with their families) by the Taliban.

Twitter shut the Abramowitz Foundation’s campaign down, however, for allegedly violating its policies, and refused our repeated written requests to explain which policies we violated, and how to get into compliance.

Twitter did these things at the same time it was enabling the Taliban, which it has allowed to amass 1.8 million followers as of September 2022.

What Twitter did to the Abramowitz Foundation is not an isolated incident of bewildering decision-making. As documented in a new 12-minute video, produced for the Foundation by multimedia designer-writer JON SUTZ, who also created the Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign:

  • Twitter shut down the conservative satire site Babylon Bee for “misgendering” a US government official.
    Yet for more than ten years, Twitter has been enabling Louis Farrakhan, which numerous civil rights watchdog groups claim is a major inciter of racist, anti-LGBT and anti-Semitic hatred (three of his admirers allegedly went on to perpetrate racist murder sprees).
  • Twitter shut down the NY Post, America’s oldest news organization, for publishing documentation found on the laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden, that substantively challenges President Biden’s denials that he helped or profited from his business deals.
    Yet for more than ten years, Twitter has been enabling Ayatollah Khamenei, the unelected ruler of Iran, the world’s most lethal anti-US state sponsor of terrorism, which also executes members of the LGBT community for their “moral crimes.”

Watch the video, “TWITTER EXPOSED: Enabling the Taliban… but stopping a campaign to rescue US allies from the Taliban”:

See the expansive documentation used to create this video, at:

Resource page directory – “TWITTER EXPOSED,” Episode 1

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  • “TWITTER EXPOSED: TALIBAN” has received high praise from several notable Americans who served in Afghanistan, here.
  • September 20, 2022: Miranda Devine, editor of the NY Post, Tweeted the video, with her praise.



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