Abramowitz Foundation seeks to raise $100,000 for emergency “Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign”


Contact: abramowitzfoundation@protonmail.com

The Abramowitz Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, today announces its fundraising campaign to help rescue the families of two US allies who have been trapped in Afghanistan, the “Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign.”  Learn the details of the campaign at:

Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign – The Abramowitz Foundation 


  • Both of these families should have been evacuated by the US government, prior to its rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Prior US administrations promised Afghan allies that should their identities be discovered, they and their families will be evacuated.  Instead, tens of thousands of US allies and their families were abandoned when the US made its rushed, ill-conceived and poorly executed withdrawal.  See details here.
  • The two US allies whose families the Abramowitz Foundation is working to rescue are: (a) An Afghan native who worked as a translator during four tours with US special forces, facing the most hardcore Taliban figures, and is now a US citizen; (b) An Afghan native, who provided ongoing intelligence and assistance to US and Coalition governments, while he was a senior officer in the Afghanistan intelligence service.  See details here.
  • The reason this has become an emergency is that on or about February 27, 2022, the Taliban announced that within 7-10 days, it will begin sealing all borders, and not allowing any additional Afghans to leave the nation.  See the update at the bottom of (1), here.
  • The bulk of the $100,000 we seek to raise will be transferred to another 501(c)3, that has been helping to rescue Afghan allies and their families since soon after the US withdrawal.  Learn the details here.  Learn about our accountability approach here.
  • Tax-deductible donations can be made here; select “Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign” in the “Use this donation for” drop-down.

Here is the 3-minute video about the Afghan Ally Rescue Campaign:




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